7/3/2020 | 
GTZ Redem

Сојуз на Стопанските Комори на Македонија


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    NEXT ACTIVATES OF economy.strumica.gov.mk

    • Electronic catalogue of all members of economy.strumica.gov.mk.
    • Promotion of economy.strumica.gov.mk in Bulgaria.
    • Direct access to every company that is a member of economy.strumica.gov.mk through sub domain: www.membername.economy.strumica.gov.mk.
    • Unified commonality e-mail of all companies members of StrumicaEconomy membername@strumicaeconomy.com.
    • Home page of StrumicaEconomy is designed for all the news that will arise in companies, members of StrumicaEconomy.
    • Automatic scheme of news from StrumicaEconomy through RSS Feed.
    • Multimedia CD for all members of StrumicaEconomy.
    • Translation of StrumicaEconomy in other languages.
    • On line shopping through StrumicaEconomy.