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Сојуз на Стопанските Комори на Македонија


место за реклама

CS Global


production of furniture

11ti Septemvri is a firm in private ownership formed in 1983. Our factory for furniture is one of the leading productive capacities in the region. We produce all kinds of furniture from massive, oak, beech tree. With over 40 employees and 4000m2 business place we produce 20000 products of high quality a year which we sell in the country and export in few countries in the region. Following the latest trends we produce furniture of high quality, modern design and attractive shapes that will be perfect for every house.

General data:

  • AddressAddress:
  • “Vasilevski pat” Strumica
  • TelephonePhone:
  • +389 (0) 34 354 555
    +389 (0) 34 354 555

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