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Сојуз на Стопанските Комори на Македонија


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Production and distribution of food products

Founded in 1991 as a small but ambitious company, KOLID has grown into a name that stands for quality and success in Macedonia and beyond. With over 130 employees and assets that include production facilities, representative branches, stores, transportation vehicles, and more, the company specializes in production, distribution, export and import of food products.

KOLID has branches in Skopje, Strumica, and Nish (Serbia & Montenegro), but its business also extends to Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia & Montenegro, including past cooperation with such names as Chipita, Barilla (Misko), and CREAMLINE.

Quality products and customer satisfaction are imperative for KOLID. One thing that is especially important for KOLID is its production of cookies and snacks (PIZZA ITALINA, BUNGA BANGA RE). These products have received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers, which is the best reward a company could hope to get.

KOLID is the general importer and distributor for CHIPITA, MISKO, CREAM LINE (FINETTI) products in Macedonia, and distributor of ULKER, KARSA, ETI, CERMAT products in southeast Macedonia. KOLID also has retail stores in Koleshino and Murtino, and a weigh-station with scales frequently used by commercial traffic in the region.

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  • Koleshino bb
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  • +389 (34) 351 030

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