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Сојуз на Стопанските Комори на Македонија


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Exploitation and preparation of feldspar and calcite for the needs of the chemical, glass, pharm and porcelain industry

The join stock company for non-metals Ograzden-Strumica is a mining organization formed in 1955. Our main specialty is exploitation, preparation and sell of our products: feldspar and calcite. We also deal with wholesale and retail, we have our own fleet of trucks and tanks- IVECO. We have office in Skopje that helps in the sale of our products.

Our products:

• Milled feldspar-two kinds DIN30 for the needs of the industry of glass, and DIN80 for the needs of the industry of tiles, sanitary.
• Minced feldspar with granulation of 0-8mm. It serves for the needs of tiles production.
• Milled calcite fractions 5,10,15,20,32,40,63,90,1200 microns. Used in the industry of color and lacquer, cables, rubber, plastic materials, enamel, fodder.

Our services:

• Transportation. Ograzden has its own trucks with trailer and tanks which transport the raw materials and also provides services for other firms.
• Haulage. Ograzden has its own haulage company which mediate and provides services in the outdoor trading business with ino-partners export-import.

General data:

  • AddressAddress:
  • “Marshal Tito”239
    2400 Strumica
  • TelephonePhone:
  • +389 (34) 326 888
    +389 (34) 321-344

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