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Сојуз на Стопанските Комори на Македонија


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CS Global


Agriculture production activity; organized production for familiar customers; production and trade of fruits mostly Stanley plums, cherries, raspberries, blueberries; preparation for drying of fruits; and an ostrich farm.

This company has had 100 hectares of agricultural land for 30 years and has planted 7500 Stanley plum trees and 3000 grafted walnut trees. It also has its own water system for irrigation, and is located on the main road from Strumica to Petric and Solun. It is also near to the Smolare Waterfall which creates great potential for growth. The company is currently looking for a partner for PPP (Public Private Partnership).

Our products:

• PAREL spring cabbage available from 01.05-10.06 and packed in different packages from separately to 25kg net;
• BRAVO, SAKATA cabbage available year-round in separate packages, packages up to 25kg net, or in wooden boxes of 750kg;
• Watermelons available in cardboard and wooden boxes of 750kg

General data:

  • AddressAddress:
  • Office:
    St. Dimitar Vlahov no.106
    Strumica Farm:
    Smolarian crossroad bb
    Novo Selo
  • TelephonePhone:
  • +389 (34) 330 044
    +389 (34) 356 555
    +389 (70) 214 037

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